Soup Kitchen

We need your help. Our goal of fundraising is to generate sufficient donations to continue the successful operation of our soup kitchen. Contributions of all amounts are greatly appreciated and will go a long way in helping us meet the growing needs of the less fortunate.

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There is more than enough food produced in the world to feed everyone. However, millions of people go hungry each year. Although the UK is one of the richest countries in the world, many people are sometimes too poor to eat. They don’t know where their next meal is coming from and are really struggling. It is estimated that more than eight million people in the UK struggle to put food on the table with over half of them regularly going a whole day without eating.

Hunger is strongly interconnected to poverty. People living in poverty face household food insecurity frequently and can go entire days without eating due to lack of money, lack of access to food and other resources.

Our objective is to provide a hot wholesome meal once a week to those who cannot afford nutritious food. We serve the homeless, low income workers, the poor, children, veterans and the unemployed and their families. We offer food to needy individual and families regardless of age, religion race and gender. We don’t discriminate anyone. Our aim is to alleviate poverty through soup kitchen. Everyone is welcome to dine with us. We feed the hungry and help keep families together by providing them nourishment, clothing and other services.

Every week, we have the honor of serving free hot meals to anyone who comes to our door; no questions asked. We do so willingly with compassion and understanding.

Food Pantry

Food is needed all year round. We rely on the generous contributions of everyone. You can help us continue our mission of feeding the impoverished and destitute. To keep our costs as low as possible, we also accept food donations. Only properly handled and stored food will be accepted.

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The primary goal is to feed the hungry in the community. We prepare and serve nutritious hot meals every day to everyone who comes to us. The increased demand from hungry people has been met by setting up a food pantry where food is given out directly to the hungry. This pantry acts as a food storage and distribution depot. Packages of groceries are handed out to the beneficiaries so that they can cook themselves several meals at home. This is more convenient. We distribute grocery bags which may contain rice, meat, canned goods and basic necessities to those in need. Many people rely on our soup kitchen for nutritional needs, clothing needs and other services to overcome whatever crisis they may be experiencing.

Life Skilling

Our desire is for individuals and their families to move from being afraid, alone, ashamed, desperate and depressed to becoming independent, productive, self-sufficient members of the community. We push for long term change. For individuals and communities to prosper.

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Homelessness affects a considerable number of people in our communities and is caused by poverty and social exclusion. Homelessness, brought on by extreme poverty, is not only stressful, but emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically painful. We equip our clients to achieve and maintain long-term self-sufficiency by teaching them life skills. Our life skills programs are tailored to build skills that will empower individuals, to make decisions and take control of the course of their lives by nurturing skills such as inter-personal communication, self-awareness, self- motivation, assertiveness, decision making, financial literacy and management and leadership skills. We conduct additional workshops on home and self-care, parenting, nutrition and other life skills.

The main objective is to elevate self-esteem and self-confidence that’s required to take the necessary steps to improve their life situations. Life skills are crucial tools that enable participants to achieve personal growth, learn positive behavior and gain independence. By developing these skills, individuals are able to break the cycle of poverty. When people begin to realize their potential in taking control of their lives, it enforces their will to change their lives. They begin to make decisions that favor their growth and they thrive. A sense of empowerment can bring about ripples of change.

For the poor and homeless, they need skills to find a lasting solution to their predicament and return to stable housing and long-term self-sufficiency. For the homeless families with children, the goal is to inspire children to aim for education to increase their opportunities to earn high wages to enable them become financially secure as adults.

Shower Facilities and Clothing

Every individual who walks through our door is welcomed and assisted regardless of race, sex, age and color or income. All the people we serve are treated with dignity and respect.

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In addition to our food program, we provide additional supportive services like bathroom facilities where our guests, especially the homeless and poor can take a shower and refresh themselves. We provide personal hygiene items, such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, towels and laundry facilities for individuals that utilize our shower facilities. Additionally, we have clothing which they can choose from depending on their need.

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